Christian Counseling of Texas PLLC

CCofTEX is the private practice of Steven Kopor MA, LPC-S, LCDC, BCPCC.  I provide counseling services to emancipated 25 year old and older adults.  I don't see children or teens or practice family counseling.  Sometimes I hire licensed mental health professionals or LPC Interns.  At this time my wife Elizabeth works in my practice.  We provide Christian Counseling in the service of Christ.

We think there are 3 parts to successful counseling: 1) God's healing kindness to you, 2) The counselors gifts & talents, knowledge, skills and abilities, and most importantly, 3) Your hard work.  We also believe that counseling success is dependent on prayer, especially intercessory prayer, and having the Holy Spirit on the treatment team.

We think Professional Christian Counseling is a wonderful specialization in which the psychologically trained licensed mental health professional integrates their knowledge, skills and abilities with their Christian faith, values and beliefs. It's a match made in heaven, giving you the best of both.  We understand the secular science of counseling and the sacred science of Christian Counseling. You can have the assurance that your fundamental Christian beliefs are valued.

As Christian Counselor's we respect people of all faiths as well as those with no religious or spiritual beliefs. We never coerce non-Christian clients, apply undue pressure, or proselytize.  We don't even presume that all clients want spiritual interventions. We are not judgmental and more charismatic than legalistic.

Ccoftex is a Christ Centered Place of Healing. We are a team of licensed and credentialed mental health professionals who feel called and blessed to be of service to people who are hurting, have lost direction or are facing difficult life obstacles. Ccof tex meets with clients in their office and as well remotely using telehealth platforms. 

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